Write-Offs: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Rebuild Your Accident-Damaged Car

Car accidents are never pleasant experiences to have. Aside from the shock and trauma of those events, you can also get left without a working vehicle. Some folks have their cars written off by their insurance companies. When that happens, a few of them elect to buy their cars from their insurers. Why? To repair them and put them back on the road, of course.

Rebuild Your Accident-Damaged Car:

Sometimes, insurance companies write off vehicles that aren’t economical to repair. Often, older cars with minor problems can get fixed. If you’re in a similar position at the moment, you might be thinking of putting your car back on the road. But, I’d like to play devil’s advocate and give you some reasons why that’s a bad idea:


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1) Future insurance policies will cost a fortune:

What one of the significant disadvantages people don’t think about is future insurance costs. The trouble with insurance write-offs is that they are harder to insure. Even if the repairs have made the car like new!

Insurers deem such vehicles a high risk. They can’t verify that any repairs got carried out to an excellent standard. Plus, they won’t pay to have an assessor perform an inspection on such cars. Because you are now insuring a high-risk vehicle, you can expect to pay higher premiums each year.

2) You could get compensation to help you buy a new car:

Let’s say that you had an auto accident and it wasn’t your fault. As a result of the collision, you’ve now got no car, and you’d had expenses to pay.

Believe it or not, you could claim compensation for the above and more. See https://www.mcdonaldworley.com/autoaccidentlawyer.php for further information. If your claim is successful, you could use the proceeds to buy a new car. You could even get the same make and model of vehicle as your previous one if you wish!


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3) A rebuilt car won’t be as safe as it used to be:

The biggest problem with rebuilding an accident-damaged car is safety. As you know, vehicles comprise of steel and aluminum among other materials. When those two metals bend, their structural integrity gets compromised.

Sure, you could just have new metal welded into place. But, the car just won’t be as strong as it was from new. Is it worth jeopardizing your safety to save a few bucks compared to buying another vehicle?

4) Replacement parts will be expensive:

You might think that you could just source all the parts you need from eBay. But, there will be times where you have to get parts from car dealers. For example, you’ll need to source genuine airbags to replace the ones that got deployed.

According to http://cars.costhelper.com/airbag-cost.html, the cost of replacement airbags is high. You could expect to spend up to $6,000 replacing them!

5) Conclusion:

Even if the only thing that got damaged on your car was a door mirror, you should still forget about rebuilding it. The insurance hikes alone will make it an unattractive proposition.

The only way you could ever profit from buying your car back is to strip it for parts and sell them as spares!


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