Used Cars Or New Cars?A Handy Guide!

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, then this question has no doubt plagued your mind for some time now. It can be difficult to judge where to invest your money when laying out such a large amount of cash. Luckily, our handy guide is here to help you make the right decision.

Used Cars

They’re Cheaper

  • You’re bound to get a better price on a used car. This is simply because it isn’t fresh from the manufacturer. This is ideal if you can’t afford to whack down a massive deposit on a big or expensive vehicle, but still need to get hold of one. On average, you can expect to pay up to 40% less on a car as soon as it becomes second-hand. Bargain!

Less Depreciation

  • One of the problems with brand new vehicles is that they lose a lot of their value straight away, as soon as you drive them out of the showroom. With used cars, that depreciation has largely already been accounted for. Therefore, you can expect to retrieve a fair amount of the money you paid for the used car when it comes to selling it on, should you get one. This is always good to know.

    Image By: Michel

    Image By: Michel

More Choice

  • Finally, by buying a used car, you’re opening yourself up to a much broader availability of vehicle. At an imperial car supermarket, for example, you’re going to find far more choice, than you would at your local dealership. This is because, there, there are are only a handful of new models available. Not sure what you really want? If so, then going ‘used’ is probably the best way to go.

New Cars

New Technologies

  • If you opt for a brand new car, then you’re going to be in a decent situation. Firstly, the thing is brand new, it has that incredibly fresh-from-the-factory smell! You can also have it made to order, meaning that you can opt in and out of all the little extra additions that you may wish to include or exclude from your personal model. This includes awesome things like new technologies, such as Bluetooth!


  • This is where new cars definitely come out on top of used ones. Used cars pose some significant dangers when buying one. This can be avoided when you’re picking up a brand new vehicle. There have been many new innovations in safety in driving in recent years. The most impressive is the beeping systems that a lot of new cars operate when you’re too close to a nearby vehicle. This will help you avoid collisions, particularly when parking, but also when driving along narrow roads.

    Image By: TuRbO_J

    Image By: TuRbO_J

Better Fuel Economy

  • Finally, a new car could certainly save you some cash in the long run. As the environment has become more and more of a concern, companies have made their vehicles more fuel efficient. This means that you’ll ultimately be spending less on fuel and saving yourself some money. Awesome.

Hopefully, this handy guide has helped you decide between used and new cars.



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