Tips for Choosing the Right car – Deciding on the right one

Finding a car that will exactly suit your needs in the long run is really a tough job. Moreover, with so many brands and types of vehicles to choose from, this task becomes all the more complicated. But with resourceful research and efficient planning, it is very much possible to find the perfect answer. Good to search for cars expected to launch soon. Upcoming cars launching soon in the Indian market can be interesting and matching your needs if you can wait accordingly.

One should be very clear of the potential usage of the vehicle before shopping for new car. It is advisable to be more practical while defining your needs. If you have a small family and do not need much of a boot space, then compact hatchbacks would be the best option. People with large family who are not bothered about cargo space should ideally buy compact SUVs or mid size sedans. A full sized MPV or a van is good for people with large families who need lots of cargo space.

Besides, one should be very clear on the frequency of usage; whether you intend to use the car for daily commuting or for holidays or only for recreation during weekends. Road conditions also decide if you want a sedan, hatchback or an SUV. SUVs and MPVs are very effective while travelling on rough roads and make the ride reasonably comfortable unlike hatchbacks, although their maintenance cost could be high. Hatchbacks and sedans are ideal only for flat roads and smooth highways.

The next choice to be made is on the type of fuel used in the car. Fuel economy is a major factor especially for people driving for long distances frequently. Cars giving good gas mileage are just right for them. Buying a diesel vehicle for short commutes is not a value for money. Good cars run on petrol will do for them. Consider buying a CNG variant if diesel is more than your set budget. One can then analyze the engine power, ride comfort, noise, safety options and other technical specifications in reality.

If you are very particular about safety, always buy a sedan which is a three-box structure and the strongest one when compared to a hatchback or van. Go for cars that have advanced safety technologies like Vehicle Stability control and Anti lock braking system. One can even check the crash test rating for different cars in various internet sites. Next, it is always advisable to buy cars that will hold on to its value in the coming years. One way is to look up the retail or trade-in value of the current four year old car of the same model. Very few models will be left on your list fulfilling all the criteria and you can start shopping for them.

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