The Dangers Of Buying A Used Car

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Should I buy a new or used car? This question is typed into Google every day by people across the world. Everyone wants to know which is best. Today, take a look at some of the negative aspects of buying a used car:

Tyre Problems

Picture this, you see a used car online and notice it’s being sold for a bargain price. You read the description and don’t notice any problems with the car. It’s unbelievable, you won’t believe your luck. So, you contact the seller and they tell you that they have multiple people interested. So, you act fast and make an offer. As luck would have it, the seller agrees and you’ve just got yourself a bargain. You pick up the car and drive it home. It’s only when you get home that you realise there are some problems with the tyres. They’re worn down and deflated; you need to get new ones fitted. All of a sudden your cheap car just became more expensive, as you need a new set of tyres. This is a common problem with a lot of used cars. The tyres are in bad shape, but people don’t notice it until it’s too late. As a result, you fork out loads of money. Not only that, but it’s inconvenienced you, you can’t drive your new car until the tyres are fitted! Granted, you can minimise the inconvenience by getting a mobile tyre fitting service to come and change them ASAP. But, it’s still a pain, and an issue you never get with new cars.

Old Technology

If you’re buying a used car, you’re buying an old car. This means it’s not equipped with the latest and greatest car tech. You might thing this isn’t an issue, but it is. Cars have become much safer thanks to technology. Plus, there’s tech that makes cars more fuel efficient. When buying used, you won’t see the benefits of this technology. New cars are safer to drive and can save you more money on fuel, so bear that in mind.

Image Credit: Kevin

Image Credit: Kevin

They’re Used

Another issue with buying used cars is that, well, they’re used. Someone else has already driven the car around and had their fun with it. Driving a used car can feel a bit like wearing someone else’s underwear, it’s uncomfortable. You don’t get the feeling that it’s your car, it smells like someone else and there are miles on the clock. Plus, you could be getting a car near the end of its life cycle. So, there’s a big chance you end up having to deal with loads of issues and problems caused by the previous owners driving. One of the big reasons to buy a new car is that it feels like it’s yours. You are the first person behind that steering wheel. With used cars, it’s hard to replicate that feeling.

Of course, there are some good arguments for why you should buy used. The main one being that used cars are much cheaper than new ones. You could potentially buy and insure two used cars for the price of one new. But, as you can see above, there are a few issues with getting a used car.

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