How To Maintain Your Off-road Vehicles For Those Rough Rides

Image By: Wikimedia Commons

Off-road vehicles aren’t like any other. They have need of different parts. They take more wear and tear and can be prone to more damage. So it’s only expected that they need a level of maintenance all their own. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to take them in for a more expensive, specific kind of treatment, however. There’s a lot that a good off-road vehicle needs to keep it in good rambling shape. Thankfully, you can do a lot of that yourself. Here are some of the ways.

Image By: Wikimedia Commons

Image By: Wikimedia Commons

General maintenance

If you don’t already know the basics of car maintenance, now’s the time to start learning. Make sure you’re able to do the basics like changing your oil, your air filters and your windshield wipers. Not only does it get you used to the anatomy of your vehicle, but it also saves you some of the money involved in all those trips to the mechanic. Become a DIY car owner and you’ll save a lot in the long run.

Check the tyres often

You need specific kinds of off road tyres if you’re going to actually be taking off into all kinds of terrain. That said, even despite the strength of the right tyre, they need a close eye kept on them. That terrain is a lot more likely to cause damage to your tyre. Getting a flat in the middle of a dirt track is a lot more troublesome than having it on the side of the road. Check your tyres often to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The transmission

The transmission of an off road vehicle takes a lot more wear and tear than that of the average car. This is a concept that will pop up a lot in this article. The shocks of the rides and the weight of it means that each shift is a bit more wearisome on the vehicle. Transmission fluid cools and lubricates this essential part of your vehicle. Make sure you get yours checked and changed as often as you need to.

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Keep an eye on your skid plates

Even as raised and sturdy as they are, off-road vehicles take a lot of damage when they’re going over all kinds of bumps and hills. What minimises a lot of this damage is the skid plates at the bottom. For that reason, these parts of your vehicle are of utmost importance. Damaged or loose skid plates are a danger not only to the other components of the car, but to you yourself.

Keep it greased

Lubrication is incredibly important when it comes to 4x4s and other off-roaders.  As well as getting the oil on the differentials and transmission changed, you need to lubricate most of the vehicle’s underside. Dust and mud can do a lot to undermine the effects of your lubrication. After you’ve cleaned your car to the best standard, make sure everything is greased to perfection. You’ll have a much smoother ride for it.

Caring for the differentials

The differentials of any car are one of the more under looked aspects of maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean they’re any less vital. Differentials are an essential part. They compensate in the difference between inner and outer wheels when turning. Like the transmission, they need a lot of lubrication to make sure they’re working properly. Every 30,000 to 50,000 miles, change the oil on your differentials. Otherwise you won’t be getting yourself very far after all.

Image By: Wikimedia Commons

Image By: Wikimedia Commons

Clean it right

All cars need to be washed, of course. You probably don’t have any different ideas about the off-roader. Indeed, most likely you take care to get it cleaned after every foray into the mud and sand. But are you sure that you’re cleaning it right? Pressure is important when It comes to cleaning an off-road vehicle so make sure your hose is powerful enough. Don’t forget under the hood as well. It needs caring, as does the radiator, bumpers and wheels. Be more careful in washing these parts, but never let them accumulate the mud or dust of a drive. Getting rid of it sooner is a lot easier than getting rid of it later.

Getting the right brakes

You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to have functioning brakes. In an off-road vehicle, it needs particular consideration. Not all supposed ‘off-road’ vehicles are ready for actually going off the road. Not all are immediately fitted with brakes that give them the stopping power they need during a mudding. Get the brakes that will do what they’re supposed to do.


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