Five Tips To Maximize Your Car’s Resale Value

Before buying a new car that suits your need, you will probably need to sell off your current one, unless you are a first time car buyer. Did you know that putting in a little bit of effort and money to touch up your car can help you maximise the value of your vehicle when it is eventually sold? Here are five tips that can help you get a good deal and returns out of your sale.

Fix The Exterior Flaws

First impressions play a big role when you are trying sell a car. Deteriorating paint jobs, dents, and scratches can bring down the value of a car more than you would imagine, despite being mechanically sound. Therefore, it is best to spend a few hundred dollars to get those dents and scratches repaired, and touch up the car’s paint, to get top dollar for your vehicle.

Refurbish Your Car To Its Original Condition

Many car owners like to add aftermarket parts like lowered springs, louder exhaust systems and larger/differently designed wheels to give their cars that sporty edge. But when it comes to selling your ride, you have to remember that these enhancements are not necessarily appealing to others. For example, a Honda Civic with a turbocharger added to it will likely fetch a lower price compared to one that is original.

The general rule of thumb is the closer your car is to its original specification, the higher the value when it comes to selling it off. This is why classic/vintage vehicles in their original specification command a much higher price than shiny restored ones. What you can do with your aftermarket parts is to sell them online or on any car-related forums, to enthusiasts who are specifically hunting for such parts.

Research Your Car’s Market Value

Before accepting an offer from a used car dealership or putting up an ad (if you are planning to sell it on your own), it is important to research the market price of your vehicle. There are various websites that offer information and tools to get a rough idea of what your car is worth. This includes Kelly Blue Book and

You can also find out the market price of your car by looking up for cars that similar to yours on sites such as eBay, as well as by visiting several used car dealers and see what they offer. Once this is done, you will have a high- and low-end value for your vehicle. With this knowledge, you can negotiate with the high-end of a realistic price when selling your car.

Take Good Pictures

If you are planning to sell your car by listing it as an online ad or in a magazine by yourself, devote some time and effort to take good pictures of your car. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Putting up a poor picture will lessen the chances of a potential buyer even contacting you.

Give your car a good wash and take it to an empty spot with good lighting for your photo shoot. Take exterior pictures from at least four angles– the front, rear, front three-quarter and rear three-quarter angle. As for the interior, take a picture of the dashboard and one more that shows the condition of the seats. Last but not least, take a shot of the engine bay as well.

Show your receipts and records

If you have been keeping all the maintenance receipts and records of your car, present them when you meet a potential buyer; be it private buyer or used car dealer. Having a full service history can add a lot of value to your car because it shows how well your car was maintained. You can also get a history report of your car from companies such as Carfax and provide them to the potential buyer.

Getting top dollar for your used car is not an easy task, but we hope these few tips will help you to make your selling process easier and better.

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